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Zing Toys Zyclone

Zing Toys Zyclone
zoom imageZing Toys Zyclone 

Zing Toys Zyclone

Zing Toys Zyclone
Price $24.99
Sale Price  $10.95

Zing Ring Blaster launches soft foam rings incredible distances with amazing accuracy!
Zyclone uses Z-Spin Technology to launch soft foam rings great distances - great for the yard, beach or park!
High performance soft foam
Spinz over 100 feet
Amazing flying fun with a twist
The Zyclone is the leader in long-distance foam flying fun! Load the Zing-Ring™ on to the Zyclone™ Blaster, then simply pull back and twist and send the Zing-Ring™ flying! Made with ultra-light foam, each Zing-Ring™ will fly over incredible distances! Make sure you play in a wide open area because a Zing Ring™ fired from the Zyclone™ Blaster is sure to go a looooooooooooong way!
Wide-Open Fun! Load. Pull. Twist. Launch!
Made in China
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